Celcius To Fahrenheit  

Celcius To Farenheit

Celsius conversion

0ºC and 100ºC are arbitrarily placed at the melting and boiling points of water and standard to the metric system.

You can add positive numbers like 10, 30, 35 etc and even Negative numbers like -35 etc

Enter Celcius Click Calculate   Fahrenheit Result  
eg: 25 Click Calculate   Bingo  

Need to Convert Fahrenheit To Celsius


Degree Celcius To Farenheit

Enter a number representing a temperature in either the Celsius box or the Fahrenheit box and click on the Calculate button (or anywhere else other than the data field). This uses an adaptation of the formula to do the conversion but as you will see, provides decimal accuracy.

The converted temperature for the other scale will appear in that box.

While you may use decimal input, the final result will be rounded to a maximum of 18 decimal places.

Defaults for freezing in both scales are 0 for Celcius and 32 for Fahrenheit.

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